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Cobie Smulders

Profile Photo of Cobie Smulders
Profile Photo of Cobie Smulders Profile Photo of Cobie Smulders Profile Photo of Cobie Smulders

Cobie Smulders is a Canadian young and talented actress. She was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her father is Dutch and mother is British. Cobie Smulders starts acting during Highschool. After high school she starts modeling internationally in different locations like Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, New York, Africa and Milan. Cobie Smulders currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

Cobie Smulders starts her acting in the TV series by a guest appearance. Her first guest appearance was in the series “Jeremiah”. After this series Cobie Smulders make her guest appearance in numerous TV series like “Special Unit 2”, “Tru Calling”, “The L Word” and “Smallville”. She starred in a permanent role in the series “Veritas: The Quest” but it’s a short lived series. The second series was “How I met your mother”; this is the series for which she is well known. Her role in this series is “Robin Scherbatsky” who is a Canadian and television reporter in New York. This series is very successful and her acting in this series is highly appreciated by the viewers.

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Cobie Smulders's Personal Information

Full Name Jacoba Francisca Maria Smulders
Nick Name Cobie
  • Actress
Gender Female
Birth Date April 3, 1982
Star Aries
Country Canada
Birth Place Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Graduated from Lord Byng Secondary School
Hair Brown
Eye Color Blue
Height 5' 8"
Marital Status Engaged
Most Remembered for How I met your mother
Hobbies listening music, reding, traveling
  • English
  • French

Cobie Smulders's Projects


  • Candy from Strangers(Film)


  • Special Unit 2(TV, Ep1)
  • Jeremiah(TV, Ep1)


  • Tru Calling(TV,Ep1)
  • Veritas: The Quest(TV,Eps13)


  • Walking Tall(Film)
  • Ill Fated(Film)
  • Smallville(TV,Ep1)


  • The Long Weekend(Film)
  • Andromeda(TV, Eps2)
  • The L Word(TV, Eps4)
  • How I Met Your Mother(TV,Lead Role)


  • Escape(Film)
  • Dr. Miracles(Film)


  • The Storm Awaits(Film)


  • The Slammin' Salmon(Film)

Cobie Smulders's Trivia

  • Cobie Smulders is a former model.
  • In childhood Cobie Smulders wants to become a doctor or marine biologist.
  • Cobie Smulders participated in different sports like swinming, tennis, soccer in her teenage.
  • Cobie Smulders was named after her Dutch aunt “Jacoba”


A fan


Hi dear cobie...

You're my best favorite actress. You're so powerful in depicting senses and I'm really attracted by your acting. If I can't watch at least one episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, I will die!!!

And... You're the best.

good luck


 Cobie is something for me


 Cobie is something for me that can't be described in words. i respect him very much. she is very nice. why the heck is that there is no official website of you or some ofiicial FB or twitter account? if any Cobie fan has got her contact info pls tell.

I Like U


Hi Cobie, I like your acting in How I met your Mother

that was perfect

have a good time

good luck



i love you


Hi Cobie , I love your acting in how I meet ... , and acting Ted :D , I think you are very attractive and friendly , I love you my dear , very very veryyyyyy ;)

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