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Shehzad Roy

Shehzad Roy Profile Photo
Shehzad Roy Profile Photo Shehzad Roy Profile Photo Shehzad Roy Profile Photo

Shehzad Roy is a very popular pop star. He has been singing since 1995 and now in 2010 he is going to enter in bollywood as a playback singer by singing the original sound track for the movie “khata metha”.

Shehzad Roy showed interest in music in very small age and proved his talent by releasing his debut album “zindagi” in 1995. At that time he was studying in 11th grade. Later he completed his bachelor’s in commerce but continued music as well. 

After only two years his second album “darshan” was released in 1997. His third album “teri sorat” was released in 1999. While His fourth album “Rab Janey” and fifth album “Buri Baat hai” were released in 2002 and 2005 respectively.

Shehzad Roy did his sixth album “Qismat apney hath main” in a very different style. Not only the music and vocals were given a new style but this time the theme was also very different. Before that Shehzad Roy was use to sing soft romantic songs. But this album was basically about the current political situation of Pakistan. The lyrics of this album’s songs shows rage for the current unstable political system of the country.

Other than Shehzad Roy’s contributions in music he also founded an organization named “zindagi trust”. It is a non-profit Philanthropic organization. Its aim is to promote education. Under this organization students don’t have to deposit any fee but they get paid instead.

In 2005, Shehzad Roy performed in a charity concert with “Bryan Adams” to raise funds for the rehabilitations of the earth-quake victims.

For all his contribution in music and social work Shehzad Roy was awarded “Tamga-e-imtiaz” in June 2004. He has also received “sitaara-e-esar”. Other than these two national awards he also received several awards in music for his remarkable achievements in the music world.

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Shehzad Roy's Personal Information

Full Name Shehzad Roy
Nick Name
  • Singer
Gender Male
Birth Date February 16, 1977
Star Aquarius
Country Pakistan
Birth Place Karachi
  • Bachelors in Commerce (BCOM)
Hair Black
Eye Color Black
Height 5' 6''
Marital Status Married
  • 2009 Lux Style Awards- Best album (Qismat Apne Haath Mein), Best video (laga reh)
  • 2009 Patricia Blunt Koldyke Fellow
  • 2009 Mtv Music Awards- Best lyrics (laga reh), Best pop song (laga reh)
  • 2008 Mtv Style Awards- Best video (laga reh)
  • 2008 Torch Bearer for 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • 2006 3rd Indus Music Awards- Best patriotic song (Hum Aik Hain
  • 2006 3rd Indus Music Awards- Best Pop Song (Saali)
  • 2006 Indus Style Awards- Best Stylish Song
  • 2006 Sitara-e-Eisaar
  • 2005 Indus Music Video Awards- Best Performer in a Video (Saali)
  • 2003 1st Indus Music Awards- Best Male Artist
  • 1999 Ptv World Awards- Best Pop singer
Most Remembered for His social work, and Album "Qismet Apnay Haath Mein"
Hobbies Playing video games
  • Urdu
  • English

Shehzad Roy's Projects


  • Qismat Apney Haath Mein (2008)
  • Buri Baat Hai (2005)
  • Rab Jaanay (2002)
  • Teri Soorat (1999)
  • Darshan (1997)
  • Zindagi (1995)

Social Work

President and founder of Zindagi Trust

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